Waterfront Cards Mountain Scenes Stampin Up — 20 Comments

  1. I agree. The mountains on the 1st card look very majestic. Definitely not meant for the garbage. I think is beautiful. Thanks for deciding to share. Have a great weekend.

  2. So glad these cards did not end up in the garbage. Love the yellow tinge behind both mountain scenes. Keep sharing these cards from this set, your skill and imagination is amazing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing

  3. I’m all for it, I think I’m having a hard time coming up to your standers. Don’t quit now I love your skill and imagination also.

  4. WOUW WOUW WOUW I just absolutely LOVE these cards here Kathie. Both of them are so gorgeous, and I´m really impressed, how natural you can make them look. Sooo stunning work here once again, I absolutely LOVE it.

  5. well I live in the mountains, and the snowy mountain scene is gorgeous and very realistic ,especially today because it’s snowing again {yuk!} I have played with the set, now I am inspired to try and replicate this beauty.

  6. These cards are beautiful. I wasn’t going to get this stamp set, but then I saw your cards. They are amazing. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us!

  7. I love the mountains and snow! I’m new to stamping and I did buy this set ! Please explain how you created the scene. Beautiful!

  8. Just found you through Pinterest. Love these cards. I am so tired of seeing the same old same old with this set, but, these are amazing!

  9. Your garbage would be my treasures! After living at the foothills of the majestic Smokies for over 10 years these two you have shared have inspired me to tackle one of my own! So happy SU made this stamp set! Thank You!

  10. You are a true artist!!!! Yes, I would love to see a video how-to, especially the light coloured one! Please, please, please???!!!!!

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