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Hello there,
I have another quick post today.  I hope everyone’s summer kicked off with nice warm weather!  We’ve been blessed with great weather in June, I really hope it continues into July!
Well, here we are again!  Let me inspire you with the final cards from this months release.
The DT gals really did a wonderful job.  Check them out!
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Pretty Ladies



Hi Crafters!
Are you ready for some more fabulous cards by the DT?  They really are a wonderful bunch of ladies!  They’ve been having fun with this months new release. Check out their lovely cards and if you have a moment please leave some comment love.  I managed to complete one and have added it here.  This months new images can be found in the shop HERE.














Kathie Zaban

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Steampunk Typewriter Free Digi



Steampunk Typewriter

Happy Monday!

Well, I really messed up on my posting today.  This post should have posted at midnight so I’m a little behind. Its going to be a quick post today.

I have new images to share with you and the DT has put together some lovely cards to inspire you. There’s a few steampunk and girly cutsie images.  Didn’t they do a great job?  We’d love to hear what you think!  You can check out the images at the shop HERE.

The DT doesn’t know about todays freebie so you are the first to know!  Today’s Freebie is a Steampunk Typewriter.  You can pick up the coloured version in the shop HERE if you are interested.  Todays freebie will only be up for a day or two so grab it while you can!  Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave some comment love!











Today’s free digital image is Steampunk Typewriter.  I hope you like it!

EDIT:  if you missed out on getting this free image, you can pick it up in the shop!


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Relax Free Digi

Relax WM Color


Are you ready for a new Free Digital image? How about a new Digi Set?
First, I have the final flower power and Zen cards to share with you.  Check them out and of course images are in the SHOP if you wish to take a closer look.

Please don’t forget to leave a comment before you grab todays free digi set and also a bit of love for the DTs lovely cards would really warm their hearts!

Today’s free digi set includes 4 files.  (2 jpg & 2 png)
Pop over to the shop to download the set.

Relax BW

Hope you like todays free image set!

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Fabulous Flower Cards

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  Its our May 2-4 weekend in my neck of the woods. We usually plant flowers in the garden this weekend but we picked them up last weekend since the weather was so nice.

We went with Begonia’s this year.  We’ve always planted Impatience but the year before, half of them died.  Huh?   I thought it was me not watering them?  Then last year we planted Impatience again and ALL of them died except for the Begonia’s.  Apparently, Impatience have a bad fungus problem called Downie Mildew.  None of the Nurseries in my area are carrying them this year.  Weird eh!!

Speaking of flowers, I have more lovely cards to inspire you today.  The Design Team have really kept me on my toes!  Check them out and please leave some comment love for all their hard work!
I promise I will have another freebie up soon…..


Designed by: Rita


Designed by: Rita

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Pretty Floral Cards

Hello again,
Are you shocked?
Two posts in the same week! Well get ready, there will be 2 more posts after this one! LOL
I have loads more beautiful card projects to share with you by the Design Team.  Are you ready?….Feast your eyes on these lovelies!   Aren’t they awesome?!?

Please leave some comment love for all the DT’s hard work and if you haven’t seen the new images in the shop, they can be seen HERE.


Designed by: Rita

I’m sorry, no free image today, please drop by on Monday to check out more lovely floral cards by the DT and I may just have a little something for you!
Thanks so much for stopping by.
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DT Cards & Free Digi


My-Stars-WM-PinkMy Stars

I hope all you ‘mom’s’ out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day!  It was an eventful day for me and it finally being such a nice warm day made it even better!

Before I get to the free image today, there are new images in the SHOP and lets talk Design Team……They have been busy playing with the new images & the previous months images and have made so many wonderful cards!  I will be sharing them with you throughout the month.  I am so thrilled with the gals.

They are a diverse group with a wide range of talent and I hope they inspire you.  Without further ado, please give them some comment love on their wonderful projects!

Carol BlHydr_glassDesigned by:  Carol L

Charlene BWZenDesigned by:  Charlene

Holly HydrangiaDesigned by:  Holly

Ema-rose-bouquetDesigned by:  Ema

Josie-Hydrangea2Designed by:  Josie

Ileana_cupcake2Designed by:  ileana

Rita_GlassHydra1Designed by:  Rita

ileana_zen2Designed by:  ileana

Rita_Rose-Designed by:  Rita

Todays free digital image is “My Stars” and she also comes in a purple dress and a half coloured imaged for you to finish.  Check out the SHOP for the colour version!


BTW, thank you everyone for all your wonderful comments and I hope the DT cards have inspired you!
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New Design Team

Thank You‘ everyone for all your wonderful comments. It really made my heart smile!

I received a lot of interest on the Design Team Call and to be honest, I had a very hard time deciding!  I wish I could include everyone but my original idea to bring on 2 DT members to start didn’t quite go that route due to the lovely response I received.  Goodness, I hope this doesn’t kill me!

A special ‘Thank You‘ to all the ladies that I had to unfortunately leave behind.  You are all talented special ladies, I really appreciated you taking the time to apply.

Please give a warm welcome to the new Design Team!

ileana Marquez
Josephine Cox
Charlene Mitchell
Holly Flores
Carol L
Ema M
Rita Bean

Bunny Free Digi & DT Call

Happy Easter Everyone!

Edited:  DT Details 
I’m not the most consistent in launching new images due to being busy with work etc. but I’d like to try to be more on the ball so was wondering if any gals would be interested in creating cards for me.   It would be a wonky schedule.  Some time during the month I’ll have a release but some months I may not, advance notice will be given. Would anyone like to commit to something like this?
If so, please shoot me an email with a few examples of your work or a link to your blog etc.
If its a go, I will pick a few applicants and let everyone know on April 26th.   (Date extended)
Good Luck and Thank You!

(Vent)  I am sad that I did not receive any responses.  Maybe because it was added in the middle of the post?  Does that mean no one reads my post?  Would anyone be interested?

(More Venting) I love to share my free images and sets. Please no that it does take time to create and even more time to colour them.  I appreciate everyone for taking the time to create an account to grab the digi set but if you do, please take a moment and leave a comment here.  It is wonderful that so many of you love my images but it is very disheartening when thousands have downloaded my free images without leaving any acknowledgement whether here or grabbed from my shop.   OK nough said!

Special special ‘thanks’ to all those that have purchased my images,  I so appreciate your support and I hope you have enjoyed them!  

Just a few new images in the shop.  Sorry, no cards this time round but please check them out. Here is one that evolved to my favourite bear.
Bobbing-for-Carrots-GIRL-WM-EARS-COLORBobbing for Carrots Girl

Here is todays Free Digital images for you. I have to admit that I was going to scrap it but I decided to share it with you…maybe some of you may like it.   I am offering the line drawing and thought I’d try something new.  I have coloured  most of the image and left the bunny for you to add your special touch!

Bobbing-Bunny-PColor Bobbing-Bunny-BW

Thanks for visiting and I do apologize for the vent.
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Hydrangea Bauble Free Digi

Hydrandra-Bauble-1443_2Hydrangea Bauble

Hello there,
New images in the shop and a new Free Digital Set!
The theme is Easter and the lovely Hydrangea flower.Although I am well overdue to launch some new images, I was in the mood to make some cards, so I was all crafty on the weekend.  Images were cut out with the Brother Scan n Cut…I love this gadget!
(if you pickup any of the hydrangea images, please excuse my spelling as I spelt ‘hydrangea’ incorrectly in the zipped up files)…oops!

Today’s free digi is a set.  The line-art is at the end of this post but if you wish to download the entire files you’ll need to go the shop.  It contains 8 files with 3 different colours. Check it out!

One other thing, you probably already noticed but I updated the shop with a new theme.  That was a job and a half….hope you find it a lot more pleasing to the eye.

Here’s what I put together on most of the new images.
Please leave some comment love!

EDITED:   Looking for a few Designers !
I know I haven’t been consistent launching new images due to being busy with work and I have to admit, I am playing with my crafty stuff too…one being Project Life. I started it and loving it but recently had to put that off.  Anyway, I want to try to be more on the ball so was wondering if any gals would be interested in creating cards for me. Not sure how I would go about this since I’m all over the place.  It would be a wonky schedule, like sometime during the month I’ll have a release but some months I may not. Would anyone like to commit to something like this? If so, please shoot me an email with a few examples of your work, your blog etc.(email: If its a go, I will pick a few applicants and let everyone know on April 20th.  Thanks!

Easter-Bunny-2_2Easter BunnyHydrandra-Cross-1444_2Hydrangea Cross


And here is the free digi.  Enjoy!

Hydranga-Bauble-BWThanks for your comments!

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