Paper Pumpkin March 2020 | Alternative Card 1 — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Kathie…love your card idea! Can’t wait to see your other alternatives….I love this kit. My vote is for you to keep getting paper pumpkin kits & showing us your ideas! Anyway the kits have been really good so you will have fun…even if you don’t join back up on paper pumpkin. If you are worried about being sick — take lots of vitamin c it’s great for lots of things including viruses.

    • Keep up the Paper Pumpkin for sure. You have a wonderful artist’s eye for thinking outside the box. I find that stamping is relaxing, as you said, and is a great way to get away from life for awhile. It’s great therapy. You can sign up month to month if you’re worried about commiting for a long period of time.I do that and put myself on hold for a month if I get behind.

  2. I am a hobby demo and just saw your video for the first time. I love your creativity. I am excited to see some of your past work on kits.

    I follow Sara Douglas CEO of SU. This Salabration they have record breaking amount of demos. Utah does not have a Stay at Home order but most companies are taking extra precautions. SU is running 2 shifts to space out their employees and keep everyone safe with sanitizing in between. So it just might take a day or 2 longer to get orders. I could be wrong but I don’t see Paper Pumpkin not fulfilling the year subscription. I think you are good to redeem and agree they are getting better.

    May’s kit is suppose to reveal the new In Colors. You will get one of the color in the ink spot.

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