Relax Free Digi — 8 Comments

  1. Oh my goodness these are so gorgeous too. You´ve really outdone yourself ladies. I totally love these here, and those hydrangeas in the glassbowl are soooooooooo awesome, I really love these, and the first card here from Josie would just be THE perfect christmascard, I think, I can just see it at christmas with a big glittercard layered under it and a big red/green ribbon with it, it would look sooooo fabulous. Well done girls, you´re too clever. Have a great day and I´m of to go and find that digiset, thanks sooo very much for sharing them Kathie, they´re much apreciated, that´s for sure.

  2. You are so nice to share freebies with us.Thanks so much for your lovely them and snagged them.Bless you, your time, hard work and your amazing talent.Keep up the fabulous work.thank you for all the amazing inspiration from your DT.have a wonderful and sunny weekend.
    take care of yourself and stay healty.
    (“)_(“)hugs across the miles

  3. The design team’s cards are so pretty! As a Zen Buddhist myself, I particularly love the Zen-garden type images. It’s hard to find stamps with actual Zen themes. People tend to use the term “Zen” completely wrong most of the time. The most recent being the fast food commercials I’ve been seeing about the so-called “Zen Chicken Salad” made out of actual chickens…Zen teachings instruct us not to kill other sentient beings (i.e. animals) to eat them when we have so many other options available to us. Those commercials are way off the mark!

  4. Your cards and freebies are so lovely! I really like it all 🙂 thanks for sharing!



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