Valentine Rose Free Digi — 35 Comments

  1. Happy Anniversary and thanks for sharing freebies with us. It is appreciated. I, too, love the rose by itself as we can use it for many occasions.

  2. The rose is beautiful and can be used in so many ways. Happy 1 year anniversary. Thanks once again for sharing such a great image!

  3. It sure is really gorgeous, and I agree with Edwina, it´s perfect for sooo many different types of cards without the heart too. So thank you sooooo very much for both of them here Katie, I really love this as rorses are one of my all time favorit flowers too.

  4. Thank you for the digi and the sentiment. Also thank you for the extra rose without the heart. Now I can use it for more different cards, than Valentine only.

  5. Thank you for the digi, it’s my first time visiting your page and love the rose, as the rose is by far my favourite flower… Will definitely be back to view your blog again
    Many thanks Kathie xx

  6. Absolutely beautiful…and thank you for drawing one with the heart on the rose, because this rose would be so appropriate for a sympathy card. Thank you so much!

  7. I meant thank you for drawing one without the heart on the rose..they are both beautiful but the one without the heart would be appropriate for a sympathy card.

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