Paper Pumpkin February 2018 -Pt 5- Wreath Alternative Card — 7 Comments

  1. Hi there!
    I may just be your number one fan! Hahaha! I notice that you have what looks like a quilt square under your taped watercolor paper. I think it is a great idea and would ve so helpful to me for my own crafting. Would you m8nd sharing what it is?
    Thank you for all of the talent you share and demonstrate. May all of your effort pat off with millions in sales?

    • You are welcome to ask questions here, email or on YouTube! No worries!
      I was thinking about sharing more detail about the glass plate but then thought nah, no one is going to ask! Lol. Ive had it for awhile and at certain points thought to chuck it but the hoarder in me said you will find some use for it one day! Lol.
      Its more like a mini glass mat that came with a craft gadget called the Slice by Making Memories. I think it was suppose to die cut shapes like a Silhouette. Do you recall the Slice unit? To be honest, it wasn’t very good and used the Slice only a few times. I don’t know where it went but I did keep the glass mat close by and it also came with a VERY strong square shaped magnetic thingy and to this day, I use it to hold my garbage bag on a metal filing cabinet! Lol. I’m sure it’s no longer available.

      My other thought is to use a cutting plate from a big shot, that might work well and not too big! I have seen those quilt squares. Aren’t they a bit thin and plasticky? It might work too but be careful when using a heat gun on any of what I mentioned.

  2. Wonderful card again!! I’m gonna try & make these….if I would just get into my craft room and get going lol…but you’ve given me inspiration! Hey did you get my email?

  3. Love all the cards! I thought for the last card that you used the woodgrain stamp instead and was surprised that you did not. I did make #1, 3 and 6
    cards. My favorite is the # 1 card. Love the bouquet! Wonderful that you are doing a giveaway! Love to win!

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